Monday, January 11, 2010

Choosing The Right Garage Door Technician

Denver Garage doors are very important in protecting your vehicles and other stored items from the elements. They are also convenient, especially if you have an electric opener. You can keep them in proper working order by performing routine annual maintenance.

But, sometimes things happen that are beyond your capabilities and the repair is more complex than you can handle. It is time to call in the garage door repair man. And what are things you should remember while hiring one? What qualifications should you look for in finding the right person for the job? Here are some key things to look for:

1. Certified - This tells you that the person is actually trained in this specific job which should give you some confidence that he knows what he is doing and not just a high school kid working a part-time job.
2. Bonded and Insured - This covers you and the garage repair technician in the event of further damage to the door, your home or to the technician.
3. Experienced - Years of experience and years in business means that the company is reputable and have repaired a lot of doors over the years. Businesses simply can't last if they don't have the support of the community.
4. Knowledgeable - When you interview a potential garage door repair technician, can he tell you the prices of parts and what he has on hand. When you describe the problem, can he offer you a possible solution as well as give you a tentative estimate of cost?
5. Trustworthy - You don't want someone who wants to sell you more than you need. A good garage door repair man will give you options and offer suggestions for fixing the problem. He may make additional suggestions that would further improve the function of the gate.

But, if he tries to talk you into anything that isn't related to the problem, make sure he can back it up with a good reason. If you are at all unsure about what he suggests, do your own research to see if it is a necessary fix.

You can find a reputable garage door repair technician by looking through the yellow pages. The ads will tell you years in business and look for a Better Business Bureau seal of approval and maybe even a Chamber of Commerce membership.

If you are still unsure, talk to friends, family and co-workers for references. Don't forget to check with installers. They know the doors inside and out because their job is to put them in. They also may provide Denver garage repair services as well.

Yes, you want it fixed because of the convenience it offers, but it is also important for the safety of your family, pets and belongings. A malfunctioning door can quickly become a dangerous and even deadly part of your home so choosing the right person to fix is important.

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